A master of artful story-telling

Elizabeth takes a tailored approach to each wedding day- ensuring her clients receive the custom and exclusive experience they deserve. Throughout her process, Liz celebrates each couple's individuality and creates their visual story through her artistry.

Full weekend Coverage

Your wedding is more than just a ceremony and reception. Elizabeth provides coverage for the entirety of your celebration, from rehearsal dinner to Sunday brunch.


Heirloom Creations

Work with Elizabeth post-wedding to preserve your memories in the form of heirloom art pieces that blend seamlessly with your home decor and style.

Custom Offerings

Because wedding celebrations are different for every client, each service offering is tailor-made with their individual vision in mind.


Elizabeth thrives in wedding weekends with a large creative team. She collaborates with other incredible professionals to make each vision come to life. 







Paul, Groom

“Her creativity and artistic vision were evident in each and every shot. I am forever grateful to Liz for playing such an integral role in one of the most important days of our lives.”

A story-teller of life's most memorable moments

Married for 14 years and a mother of two, Elizabeth's world orbits around family, cherished friendships, and an undeniable affection for pets. She's spontaneous yet organized - always dreaming up her next culinary quest or travel escapade. 

Elizabeth has been crafting legacy stories through her imagery since 2011. She has a vibrant and bubbly spirit who always has the comfort of the people around her top of mind. To Elizabeth, her art is more than just taking great images—it's about being an integral  collaborator with the entire creative team while ensuring that the wedding day experience is one that you and your guests will be in awe of for years to come. 

Her genuine passion is evident in every photo she takes. She thrives on capturing the raw emotion and intimate bonds between couples and their loved ones. To her, these images are not mere keepsakes but profound emotional anchors for families to cherish over multiple generations.

Who I Am

Preserving your legacy for generations to come

Elizabeth's work naturally resonates with couples who deeply value relationships with family and friends and their time together. They have a passion for exploring new destinations, embracing luxurious moments, and, most importantly, relishing quality time and joyous experiences with their loved ones.

Liz's clients hold an appreciation for the art of photography - recognizing its ability to transform heartfelt moments into irreplaceable heirlooms and preserving the most tangible memories.